dip pen fun!

April 22, 2014

Before there were pens like we have today, they used pens that had to be dipped in ink.  These began with using a feather…called a quill.  They made a point out of the end and that is what they dipped into the ink.  Like anything else, people kept trying to improve this tool to write and draw.  Somebody came up with the dip pen that had metal tips of different sizes that could make different kinds of lines.  From the same pen, they could change the tip and it drew in a different way.  Today, because people don’t want to mess with getting ink on their fingers and possibly spill the ink, they use ball point pens and all the different kinds of pens because they are easy to carry and can quickly be used.  But a dip pen gives you a quality of line that is unique and wonderful that an ordinary pen cannot.  I’m going to show you how I played with a dip pen today to make some tall skinny cursive lines spelling the name of the town, Siloam Springs.  If you want to try a dip pen, they most likely sell them pretty cheaply at Wal Mart or an art store near you.  Don’t forget the ink bottle too!  Have fun drawing and writing!  (this video is on YouTube).

Let it go!

March 25, 2014

let it go


Your ideas matter!

Draw Mr. Spot!

March 18, 2014

SM_umbrella dogMAILER

Try this little funny guy and post your great drawing on the Pick and Draw Game FB page!  Add other things to your picture if you like.  Enjoy!

Draw a tractor!

March 11, 2014



Try this fun tractor and why not put a funny character driving it? A salute to our hard working farmers...thank you!

Draw a dinosaur!

March 6, 2014


Try this simple dinosaur…Blockheadasaurus.. and let me know how you did.  You can post your drawing on the Pick and Draw Facebook page…I’d love to see your drawing!  Add some color to your dinosaur  if you like.  Enjoy!

Draw the Statue of Liberty

March 3, 2014

Here’s a quick simple way to draw the Statue of Liberty.  The goal?  If someone looks at your drawing and says, “Hey…the Statue of Liberty!”, then you have succeeded.   Often we tell ourself that we can’t draw if our drawing is not “perfect” and exactly like what we are trying to draw.  Drawing in a simple way can be for “recognition”.  That is the simplest form of communication.  Like fun drawing game, Pictionary.  Then after you have drawn it in a simple way if you want to make it look more and more like the object you’re drawing, then keep adding to it with detail.  For now, this little 6 step drawing is to put you in the ballpark and enjoy being able to get there.  Have fun!  Leave me comments if you like….so that I can learn from YOU!  Make a xerox of this and have others try it that you know.


Draw a fun convertible car

February 26, 2014


Try this fun little convertible car.  Maybe you will want to draw a doodle bug driving it as well…here’s some help for you 

Draw these simple trees

February 17, 2014


Trees can be drawn in a simple design way from all kinds of shapes.  Here’s a couple for you to try….try some simple trees of your own.  Or make a little clump of trees by changing the size of the trees standing in a group.  Enjoy!

Draw a thatched hut

February 13, 2014

SM_grass hutMAILER

Another little building to try…have fun!  Maybe you could add some trees around it and a doodle bug sitting on top?

Draw an old ship

February 9, 2014

Let’s try an older ship…would love to hear your comments and how your kiddos did with this.  Perhaps you can suggest a couple of things they can draw “in” the boat after they draw it.  Enjoy!

SM_old shipMAILER


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