Tomorrow I will be at Barnes and Noble in Fayetteville.  I asked the lady in charge if I could draw with the kids instead of just signing books…I figure alot more kids would come if they could draw a picture!

Some of these kids I’ll never see again…what can I possibly give them that could help them along their life journey with creativity?

1)a little bit of confidence (from a fun experience of learning) to want to take whatever their next learning step is.
2)an open door….that there are many, many possibilities with things we create if we are willing to “explore”.
We’ll probably do an exercise like the one below to open them up and bring some laughs as they draw with me.  Please pray for me…for them… as we gather tomorrow that what is in the Father’s heart for the kids will flow out to them through me.
And, if you know anyone with elementary age kids, please let them know.  Ok, I know you’re dying to try and make some more faces than I did above…go for it!!!blog-sketch-1-copy1


3 Responses to “Possibilities….”

  1. Jan Says:

    You’re a NUT!!
    Yes, we will be praying for your ministry tomorrow; how fun!! Wish we could be there to draw with you, and make silly faces.
    Your sis,

  2. Jason Says:


    I am a very grateful recipient of the gift of confidence I received from drawing with you. And just think how cool it is that the gift didn’t stop there but has trickled on to many other young people. Wow! That’s powerful!

    Thanks for investing in people. That is a God-thing!

  3. Jon Says:

    Rich this is great stuff! What time will you be at B&N on Saturday? Maybe we can bring the boys. The exercise is awesome. I see a HOW TO book in the works.

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