Below is a picture of fascination.  He was at Barnes and Noble drawing with all of the other kids (most were older) around him.  I think he was fascinated with making a picture….creating.  Look at the focus…concentration….determination…yet fun!

“Seeing is believing” someone said.  When I am drawing with kids, I am taking them step by step through the process of making a picture.  They “see” and they put down on their paper what they’ve taken in (visually) step by step.  When the pictures were done, they held them proudly up to their parents….they “believed” that they COULD make a picture.  And they did!  I was amazed how quickly and how well they grasp what I showed them.

Look again at this little man “creating”….that is part of His Creator peaking out of him…the love to create…the fascination with it.  Isn’t it amazing!  And it is in all of us.  Please, encourage your kids when they create…you never know when it may be JUST the nudge they need to become who they were created to be!

We all had a good time drawing at Barnes and Noble in Fayetteville today!shimi


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