Have a smorgasborg of pictures in your sketching today…..anything you want….vary things from reality to fantasy to other styles you like…but sketch!

oops, time for ME to go sketch!article-sketchesprint


2 Responses to “Sketching”

  1. jon davis Says:

    hey Uncle Rich i really like the mid evil head with the Mario hat on how did you come up with that

  2. John Lasater Says:

    Hey Rich! This is such great encouragement, and an amazing drawing too. Really enjoyed seeing you operating in your giftings on Saturday. Can you do it every day somehow? I can see you doing that. You’re love for children blesses Jesus way more than you can even imagine…and blesses the children, and in turn blesses the parents. I was so glad to have my precious daughters influenced by you. Made me want to be a kid again.

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