When you want to be funny with your drawings, one of the surest ways is to use the “big/little” way.  You will be contrasting big things next to little things…or little things next to big things.  In the drawing below, notice in the 2 faces the difference in size of the eyes and the mouth.  Everything else is pretty much the same (nose, ears, hair, face shape).  Look how different the 2 faces look eventhough I used the same shapes for the eyes and mouth.

Last, look at the size of the bodies….the huge body of  Junior on the left makes his head look small (sorry, Junior!).  Bill on the other side has a tiny body which makes his head look HUGE!  Ok, time for you to try…bigef80a2little


One Response to “Big/little”

  1. Darrell Hill Says:

    Rich – Just love your blog and what you are doing with kids. Free and easy – All the best to you.

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