Looks Like…

There are two games that I love to play to get the imagination up and going.  Let’s play, “Looks like…”.  First I make a random scribble.  I do not try to mentally direct my hand as I do this.  Below, in the first picture you will see my scribble.  That is the “setup” part of the game.

Now it’s time to awaken my imagination…I look away from the scribble at something else in the room I am doing this in….then look back at my scribble.  Now my mind and my imagination begin to work together.  They play an “association” game where they try to put the random scribble with something in my memory that is familiar.  What do you see when you look at my random scribble?

To let you see what I saw in my imagination, I completed the scribble with red lines in the drawing below the first one.  Surprised?  Maybe a friend will scribble randomly on a paper for you and you can play….?looks-like11looks-like21

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