What is it with the fascination we all have of watching an artist draw?  When I have had a room full of  a.d.d.  kids  going full bore at a school and they couldn’t be quieted down, I have just walked up to the dry erase board and started drawing….silence in 5 seconds….they are completely sucked into my world of drawing.  And then as I continue to draw, they want to try and guess what I am drawing right then.  No inhibition…it’s like it HAS to come out of them.

And before the noise and activity level rises again, I say, “ok, get your paper and pencil out, we’re going to draw a picture together”.  They get so excited and they are moving quickly trying to get their pencil sharpened and paper ready.  It’s amazing really.  And they want to draw so bad that if they get noisy again I just  remind them that we can only continue if everyone is watching and listening.  Then the kids in the class monitor each other making sure the volume stays at an ok level.

That’s what art can do for kids….really.  They just want someone to show them “the magic”….think what a privaledge and responsibility God has given artist to “pass it on” to the next generation.  For the ones that took the time to “show me” when I was young, I thank God…wow, what an impact they had!  Below is my first grade picture when I was known as “bubba”…huh, “Bubba the artist”…who would of thunk it?!bubba-1st-grade


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