Books on Broadway

What a fun time it was to be at the Books on Broadway bookstore in downtown Siloam Springs, AR this last Saturday!  There was a good crowd of kids (space was a valuable commodity actually!)  and we drew some fun cartoon faces together.  The owner, Trish Houston, did a great job making the store look festive with balloons and it was fun seeing the kids so delighted with their pictures!  There are few things that delight me more than seeing kids really enjoy the creative process and feel like they are “adventuring into new waters”!

Thank you to all that came and participated!



4 Responses to “Books on Broadway”

  1. sarahssweeties Says:

    Oh man! I wish we could have been there!
    Sarah R.

  2. Jamey C Says:

    NICE. Way to bring a fun cultural event to our little town! Love it

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Thanks, J…it was really fun….the kids and parents were great! You would have felt right at home with your drawing pad!

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