talking color

One of the quickest, most effective visual tools for communication is Color….think about it…

We sit at traffic lights looking up at Colors and every person “reads” the Colors as words.  It’s very effective….they haven’t been able to improve on that over the years.  There are no words that say, “go, caution, stop“…just bright circles of Color.  Interesting isn’t it ?!

Color can help us communicate in big ways.  What Color clothes did you wear today…you made a choice about it (unless they were the only thing clean!).  Maybe you could look in the mirror and ask yourself why you chose those Color clothes today….might be interesting what you say.  Do some clothes Colors make you feel different than others?

So why not purposely try to put more Color in your communication….maybe as small as making some words a different Color in an email that you want to stand out….or instead of just putting words on a folder that you are using to organize, try a Color system….green is “bills”….yellow is “ideas”…red is “?”

And try to notice more closely  how Color is used in your everyday life….you will be shocked!

God authored Color….He knows it’s power to communicate….we can learn from Himbob-6-girl-mailer1Color works very well!

(Did you count how many times I used the word “Color” (s)?  If you have to know, I’ve made it easy for you… thanks to Color!  See what I mean?)


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