which is stronger?

Ok, le’ts try a little visual test….which “wow” does your eye read first?


Which does your eye “rest” on…or linger the longest on?

Which has the strongest expression…the most impact?

Both of these hold alot of visual power.  The “wow” in the  black rectangle  is like being in a dark forest at night without a flashlight.  And out in the distance you see a camp fire….a patch of light.  You won’t be able to help it… your eye will automatically  “go to the light”.  Our eyes are drawn to light especially when there is alot of darkness.  That is why Rembrandt’s work is so powerful….alot of dark colors and then these intense flashes of color and light.  Very dramatic!  Very powerful!

That is a visual tool to give a strong expression  that anyone can use.
But the other  “wow” has alot of power to it’s expression also….the white field does what the dark rectangle does in reverse.  It is like a white sandy beach in full sun with a lone person taking a walk.

Is it as strong?  You be the judge…


One Response to “which is stronger?”

  1. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    Rich, when will you give us a peek of the farm book illustrations you were working on, or will it be released soon.

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