Just Imagine….

Ever wonder how to grow your imagination?  Play games with it!

When I was walking past the bathtub just a few minutes ago there was a bottle of shampoo sitting on the edge.  A thought came out of no where….“if you were in a dream, and you reached down and picked up the bottle,  what would you find underneath it that you were not expecting?”

blog-shampoo-bottle-gameWellllllll…..I’ll bet you had something immediately that came to mind, huh?!  And probably more that followed..and who knows, maybe you’ll even think about it again the next time you reach for the shampoo bottle on your bathtub or shower!  I hope so!  God has put this wonderful part of his image in each one of us…the ability to imagine…..to picture things that aren’t tangibly there.  There is no other explaination of how the imagination got in us….I don’t think God gave it to animals…but he gave it to people!  And if you are one of those people that excuse themselves and say, “I’m not imaginative…I can’t do that kind of stuff”  Well…peeshaw!  Do you ever dream at night?  Did you make yourself dream….did you dictate to yourself what you would dream that night?  So…..you are actually very very imaginative without even trying to be!!  Think what might happen if tried to be…really worked at it!

At the beginning, when I asked what would be under the bottle if you picked it up in a dream….I did that to try and awaken the creative side of you….if I had not said “in a dream”, you  would be more likely to think in a more logical way…like, a coin or a kid’s sticker, etc…..but the imagination is alot more fun than that and a whole lot bigger and has more variety.  So, by the way, what IS under the shampoo bottle?

Maybe there is actually a minature man hole cover that bugs crawl out of when they want to have a family picnic?

I think I’ll go check….


5 Responses to “Just Imagine….”

  1. Maria Conroy Says:

    I can imagine something I have to clean up. Is that my imagination or just exhaustion speaking? :)

  2. Jan Says:

    Green and red algae! That’s what’s under my shampoo bottle. Yuck! Who cleans up around here anyway??? :)
    so . . . what was his name, Rich?

  3. Luke Says:

    A big green frog. He smiled at me as I put the shampoo bottle back on top of him.

  4. Jamey Says:

    Fun post! I thought of bugs and worms, but I think that’s because i moved firewood today and there were some critters under the bottom pieces. The notion of imagining what COULD be in an unseen place is definitely a creative-starter!

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