Behold, the power of the egg

Today is June 21.  This is an Egg-day!  As my wife, Angie, told me, this is one of four days in the year when you can make an egg stand up!  (so, I wonder if it would fall over at midnight?…hmmm, maybe I’ll have to stay up tonight!).

Soooooooo….behold, the power of the egg!  “Look, Maw, no hands!”

rich egg balance

Thankyou!  Thankyou!

Ok…so maybe I cheated a little…here’s what was really going on behind the egg with one of my doodle bug friends!

behind the egg MAILER

If you’re reading this entry after June 21, maybe you can try to prove me wrong and stand up an egg (without the help of a doodle bug!) on it’s own.  And if it won’t…you’ll have to wait til September 21st!  BEHOLD, THE POWER OF THE EGG!  (and doodle bug!)


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