Recently, at a drawing event I was  putting on in a small town,  a young father (with his son standing beside him grinning) said to me,

“my son was at one of your drawing times a couple of months ago at his school.  After that time (1 hour), he came home wanting to draw….and he has drawn and drawn and drawn!  When his birthday came, he only wanted pads of paper and markers to draw with; so that’s what we gave him.  Many of his pictures are up on his bedroom walls.  Today, he came to buy one of your Pick and Draw games that he couldn’t buy back when you came to his school.  He’s been saving his quarters (he had a whole handfull).”

The father went on,   “and back when I heard you would be here today, I knew I had to bring him and come myself.  Eventhough I got off at 4 this morning (it was 10am when we started), my boy and I weren’t going to miss this.  Thankyou.”

And, the father was one of the parents that drew with all the kids….and hopefully enjoyed it!

Little Jared and his dad, if you read this,  you bless me!  And I pray that your Pick and Draw game will continue to help you draw and create and grow!

What I pray will happen to many kids all over,   is what is happening to this little guy.  I thank God for his kindness that has shown itself in this way!


One Response to “Impact”

  1. Jamey C Says:

    NICE. You are having impact for sure man, keep up the inspiring good work!

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