Pick and Draw Game surprise!

jackson 1MAILERWhat’s going on here?!

I keep asking that question with the Pick and Draw Game that I developed and use to help kids open up their creativity that God has placed in them and to build enough confidence for whatever the next creative-growth-step will be for each person.  And the context of this is a very simple drawing game that continues to provide alot of fun and success for those who try it.

But it doesn’t end there….much to my surprise!  An Occupational Therapy clinic in town has used the game daily with patients that come in for help and they are experiencing some very good things happening in the therapy!  Yeah Holly Street Physical Therapy!

A children’s grief counseling center at a major hospital in Memphis, Tn is having great success with the kids that are trying to help through huge grief issues.  The game is building a good bridge between counselor and patient in a fun way…opening the lines of communication to help the kids be able to talk in a creative way about what is going on inside of them.

Pick and Draw has been used by a teen mission group in Kenya and in the words of the person that used it there….

I took “Pick and Draw” with me on my five-week missions trip to Nairobi Kenya, and was able to use it in a foreign environment.  I can testify from my experience to its ability to be a powerful tool in drawing people together that may otherwise have a difficult time connecting.  “Pick and Draw” can be used as a valuable medium of communication, and is a bridge for people to connect.  The simple, user-friendly nature of the game allowed it to be used anywhere.  As soon as I began to set up the “Pick and Draw” cards, approximately 10 curious Kenyan orphans surrounded me.  To their delight, I began to include them in the game, and they were easily able to understand and follow the setup of the game.  Furthermore, I was then able to connect with them in a deeper level then I had been able to before, through our simple, but meaningful shared experience.  “Pick and Draw” is a wonderful tool in connecting many people of all ages, and I saw this firsthand through my experience using it in Africa.

Beyond that, Pick and Draw is being used by families that want to connect together around a fun game instead of in front of the TV.  From the youngest (5) to the oldest (70’s), everyone had a wonderful time and was even surprised at the cartoon characters they drew while laughing and having fun!  The game has become a wonderful tool for grandparents to play with their grandchildren when they come over.

A Down Syndrom girl (15) in California loves playing and drawing from the game and it has been a good tool to connect and learn facial communication.  This has also been the case with autistic kids and kids with long term sickness …giving them a way to create within their limitations.

These have been my surprises that God has opened for Pick and Draw and I am just thrilled that people in many places are enjoying and growing by using the game.  Imagine my delight!

They are $10 a deck ($3.50 shipping and handling) and you can send me an email if you want to get a deck….frontporchcreations@gmail.com.  I’d love to send you one and hear how you like it and how you use it!


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