creating humorous art ideas

BLOG deserted island1

BLOG deserted island2BLOG deserted island3Take this little exercise and see if you can visualize the character interacting in one of these situations and what he would think and say and feel and do….

have fun!


One Response to “creating humorous art ideas”

  1. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    Clustering is an important tool of writers and illustrators. Rich from your cluster idea I wrote a free verse poem.

    Out to Sea

    Tick tack o
    Who wrote the note
    in the bottle at sea.
    The children’s librarian
    lost on an island,
    looking for the treasure
    of new children’s books.
    The note announced,
    don’t look for me
    I am reading my books.
    When I an ready
    I’ll flag down
    a cruise ship
    and sail home
    to read all my books
    to the kids I meet.

    – By Mary Nida Smith

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