BLOG_chin exerciseThis is a little exercise in making big changes with just one line.  The line is the chin line (starting from under the nose and going down to the horizontal line at the bottom of the cartoon).

Steps 1-7 show you how to make this face…steps 8-14 redraw the same face but each time make the chin come more and more toward the neck line.

You might want to draw along and try it…then invent your own character and move the chin line to make it look different each time.

Have fun!


4 Responses to “TAKING IT ON THE CHIN”

  1. TAKING IT ON THE CHIN - Metarnews Sites Says:

    […] How to draw cartoons: working on the chin richdavis1.wordpr… […]

  2. TAKING IT ON THE CHIN - Dinnerrecipeshealthy sites Says:

    […] How to draw cartoons: working on the chin richdavis1.wordpr… […]

  3. Annette W Says:

    Your tips are awesome! I think it’s time I brushed up on my drawing, though I was never great at characters.

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement…I hope you WILL brush up on your drawing….I think that children love to draw because they enjoy the process of creating (making something that wasn’t there a few moments before)….results are important to them also but not in the same way as it is for us adults. Somehow we must “go backwards” again and become a child and enter back into the “creating arena” and play and enjoy again. Afterall, this is where we all began….I think the “risky feeling” (afraid we will fail) when it is challenged and we go ahead and try looses it’s power to make us afraid to try and we realize again that real growth and enjoyment comes in the challenge of doing it with abandon and letting the results be whatever they will be. In that light, we can look at whatever we have created and it becomes a “picture where we overcame what fears of failing that had kept us back from something God intended to bring us enjoyment”. I’d like to know what happens if you decide to “brush up on your drawing”…go for it! you have nothing to lose and something valuable to gain…

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