HAVE FUN!  After you draw the bird, maybe you can build a little scene around him…flying over a house, buildings, trees with other birds in them…flying over people?  Whatever comes to your imagination!


4 Responses to “DRAW A BIRD!”

  1. hundreds of free art lessons for homeschool & beyond ⋆ Tales of Home Says:

    […] How to draw a bunny: http://idrawgirls.com/tutorials/2012/06/13/how-to-draw-bunny/ This site has many different drawing tutorials, digital painting tutorials and more, but take a look yourself to decide which ones you want to use for your kids.  I didn’t see anything terribly inappropriate, but you can decide for yourself.  Many skill levels and subjects. How to draw a bird: Creative fun with drawing game inventor, Rich Davis […]

  2. jeanette Says:

    Hi Rich, It is going to be so much fun having you at Squigglefly. I’ll be seeing you to on the special 50/50. Lots of fun on the way for 2010.

    Happy New Year

  3. Gina Says:

    Hi my name is Gina, I love your blog how creative and great tutorials.

    I discovered your work through squigglefly

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    The concept of the group is a simple one where crafters pay a monthly membership fee to get access to the 50 designers who post 1 image a month.

    Crafters can choose which images to take, and then enter a challenge with anyone of these images.

    The crafter with the winning entry gets a prize along with the designer who’s image was used on the winning entry.

    Please come and visit the page here ( http://special50-50.blogspot.com ) to discover how to become a part of this exciting new group.

    We have many talented designers already taking part.

    Thank you for your time


  4. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    I love your bird. It looks like a drawing created from the letter U. Drawing from your abc’s. Fun!

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