FISHY, FISHY! (draw your own conclusions)

In the next few blogs we are going to draw fish and their underwater world.  Maybe it will even give you some ideas to write stories about?!

Let’s start with a fish I’m going to call,”Sir Charles”.

Get some paper and a pencil with an eraser….then look at the picture below and draw with me step by step…it’s really easy!

As you can see, steps 1-6 show you how to draw Sir Charles…

Step 7 I colored Sir Charles like this…but you can color him any way you want!

Step 8 I added color around Sir Charles ….making a background so that I can put other fish around him.

Step 9 I took all the same pieces that I used to draw Sir Charles and  made a new fish… I just changed how big or small those pieces were for the new fish.   So since this new fish came from the same family of shapes as Sir Charles, I’ll call him,

Prince Jimmy John.

Last, remember that when we make a whole picture, it has different parts to it…and the next post we’ll draw some other fish friends that hang out with Sir Charles and Prince Jimmy John.  Then we’ll draw other things you might not expect are in the fish world….but are in our picture!  If You wanted to, you could also try some of your own fish starting with other big shapes (rather than an oval like I used for Prince Charles).

Don’t forget, it’s a cartoon!  It’s suppose to be funny…so keep trying different ways to draw things till you find something you like!


One Response to “FISHY, FISHY! (draw your own conclusions)”

  1. Melissa Says:

    These are fun!! Printing it out for my kids right now. Thank you!

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