futile thinking

Let’s take a break from drawing fish today. I want to show you a visual that I made to say something I am learning in my heart.  My picture style is called “abstract” because it isn’t really a drawing of an object like a tree or a car or a person…it’s just scribbling.  I wanted  to  show that often my thoughts get messy and random when I try to “think” my way of out my own messes….instead of running to Jesus and asking for His help.  He is able to help me every time.

So why do I keep trying to think my way out of my own messes?!!  Crazy me!  But wonderful Jesus!

Maybe you could try to draw what your thoughts look like when you get your favorite kind of ice cream!


One Response to “futile thinking”

  1. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    Without God I am nothing. God gives me the courage to continue and have faith in myself. Tomorrow will be a sunshine day in my heart.

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