Fish #4 Earl of Smiley

Draw with me again taking the same pieces (except for the lips!) that we used for fish #3 (you named that one what?) and let’s make fish #4.  We will add a big toothy smile and call him the “Earl of Smiley”.  Here we go…

Meet, the Earl of Smiley!  He’s the punk rock royal family member!

Did you notice that I changed the size of the eye and the tail and the top fin and fin under his mouth?  Look how different it made the whole fish look eventhough we used the same pieces from fish #3!

Remember, once you draw a cartoon, of about anything, you can take the same shapes you used to draw it and make them bigger or smaller or turn them… in order to make a different looking cartoon!  And if you kept trying it over and over continuing to change how you put the pieces together, you would keep inventing new cartoons (from the same old pieces!).  This is the cartoonist’s version of “recycling”…it’s a very good thing to remember and will save you time and produce some cool new toons!

How bout drawing the Earl of Smiley again… but this time let’s make the new fish a hillbilly version which we will call his secret twin, “Smilin’ Earl”…..all you have to do is color in one or two of his teeth and add a hillbilly hat on top of him that will hide his top fin.   Next time I’ll show you my version of Smilin’ Earl.

Have fun (yall)!


One Response to “Fish #4 Earl of Smiley”

  1. Mary Nida Smith Says:

    Rich, I haven’t drawn for a couple of years. You have motivated me to return slowly. I drew Miss. TuTu, a ballerina fish for all us girls. It would not copy and paste, so watch out it may appear on my blog next week. Thanks. Have a special Spring.

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