Rich draws “Smilin’ Earl”

I told you I would show you my version of Smilin’ Earl so here goes.

I’ll show you step by step….

First I draw the outline Smilin’ Earl….

To make Smilin’ Earl look more real, I start with his hat and begin to shade….

Then I start to shade the top part of his body and make his eye look real…

I put shading over his whole body and make the tail look real …it’s going good but Smilin’ Earl is going to look pretty different than this picture even though this picture has changed a lot since my first drawing.

I keep darkening Smilin’ Earl… making his belly the darkest part and the top of his back the lightest.  This makes him look more like he is real and round…alive!

Smilin’ Earl is pretty much done but now I want to draw a background around him.  I choose an oval shape and begin to make lines that go around him in the shape of that oval…this is called “directional lines”.

I keep darkening the oval around him little by little and want to try and use darks against lights to make Smilin’ Earl stand out…show him off.  But I want to go darker with the background before I say I’m through.

And darker….

And when I go darker around Smilin’ Earl, then I go back into his body and make a few more little things darker so that he stands out like I want him to.  And, sign it….I’m done!

And there it is…. Smilin’ Earl!  I plan on giving this little drawing away to someone who visits my blog…stay tuned, I’ll let you know how to put your name in to possibly win.

Try one of the fish you have already drawn ….put some shading on it and see if you can make it look real too!  Have fun!


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