A little is a lot!

I wonder how many little grass plants are in your front yard alone…if you were to count them??

While I was out walking through the grass yesterday in my shorts, I felt lots of little things touching my legs just above my socks….it happened everytime my feet brushed through the grass.  I was amazed to find that it was the grass releasing into the air thousands of little flying seeds!  I decided to look at them…so I picked one and began noticing some things.  My wife, Angie, snapped off one of the little blades and with her finger nails peeled back the sides and found a whole row of seeds (you can see it below where it says, “enlarged”)!  She counted them and told me there were about 18 seeds in that row!  Then she turned this little blade over and peeled back the other side and there was another row of seeds!  Incredible!  I took a picture of it and will show you below…

God is quite an artist, isn’t He?!  But His pictures are even LIVING!  When God made the earth and people in the very beginning, He told them as a command, “be fruitful and multiply”. Today, such a long, long time later , He still wants us to be fruitful and to multiply.  He gives us the grass of the field to make a living picture of what He can do in any of us that want Jesus to be our Lord.  When He is living in us, He gives us many seeds of His love to release and produce more of His life.  These seeds are things like….the words we speak to others and our attitude about what we do and how we treat others and the thoughts that we think…all of these are seeds.  When our heart is right with God and with others, we become like this little piece of grass that then is able to cast thousands of seeds out into the world and make new life come for the glory of our Creator.  Isn’t He a great artist to show us this truth with a picture?!  Pictures really do talk, don’t they?!

Maybe you could go out into your yard and pick a piece of grass and draw it and draw your fingers holding it.  You might even put an ant  or a lady bug on it!

And don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY below…you still try to win it if you like!


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