mr numbers…try it!

I found a drawing exercise in an old cartoon book….try it with me…let’s create “Mr. Numbers”…IT’S FUN!

start with a big number 3 turned like this at the top of your paper in the middle.

then add a smaller number 2 just like this…

next, take a large number 11 to make the neck…notice that the first number one is lower than the other.

and then his nose will be the number 6….(pretty cool, huh?!)

…with a small number zero for the eye.

Take the number 5 and add it under the nose to be the mouth…

and a “check mark” (or number 7 laying on it’s back) is the chin….we’re almost done!

Then we’ll put a little bitty number 8 under the chin for a little bow tie…and…

last is a very large number 7 for the shoulders and chest of the coat.

and there he is!  What would you call this guy?  MR. NUMBERS!  What do you think he’s saying?

Maybe YOU could invent another drawing of something that uses just numbers?  If you want to try it, you might want to write the numbers from 1 to 10 across the top of your paper (kind of small) and then turn your paper (around and around slowly) looking at your numbers and see if your imagination begins to see shapes that remind you of something (like a sail boat or a part of a car or a hat?)…put the number on your paper and start adding other numbers around it to make your picture come to life!

Let me know what you come up with!


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