Art from “stuff”

We Americans have gobs of “stuff” that makes us seem like kings compared with others in the world.  God has blessed us with so much!  And He is continually calling us to be good stewards with these gifts He has poured out on us.  Have you ever noticed how much “stuff” sits in different rooms in our house or office or school and it is never used even though we give it prominent places and never think of putting something in it’s place that would be useful and effective?!  We are ridiculous!  I want to change.

Recently I entered an international contest called, “Art from Found Objects” (Monmouth Museum).  I was interested in participating from the first time I heard about it.  It really intrigued me and challenged me to see if I could actually make a piece of art from “stuff” that is easily over looked or discarded as worthless.  I really wanted to try it.  So I did!   I chose subject matter that I love and began to sketch some ideas and looked around the house and garage and put together something I am happy with.  I think it is a good exercise to illustrate something about God and something about the Body of Christ too.  On our own, we all seem like worthless stuff…misfits…tacky.  Yet, as God…the Master Artist of the Universe….begins to bring all of us misfit pieces together in a way that is creative (by His Holy Spirit), a unique piece of art emerges.  And He gets the glory!

I submitted my creation to the Museum in New Jersey and I found out today that it was accepted for their show beginning in mid September!  My good friend, Carl Connett, also was accepted with His very creative mobile of an exploding cell phone…really clever and cool!  We will proudly be the Siloam Springs, Arkansas delegation!

So maybe you could look around your house or room or garage and find some things you’ve overlooked and bring them together to make a piece of art that would even surprise you!  Have a great time being creative!  Here is my entry…


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