Draw along with me as we make a little doodle bug…it’s really easy and we can do alot of fun things with him in other drawing times.

On the middle of your paper, draw a circle…this is his head.

Add an oval inside the circle near the top….that’s his nose!

Two dark dashes side by side above the nose will be his eyes….

And below the nose let’s draw the letter, U …that’s  his smiling mouth…

we’ll use a fun curly Q on top of his head for the both antennas…

his body gets a small letter U connected to the bottom of the head…when we draw something small next to something big, sometimes it makes it funnier.  So we’ve given him a BIG head and a LITTLE  body!

put another smaller U inside the body…and a small straight line going across his tummy….(he might giggle a little when you draw across his tummy)

His legs are easy…for the right leg, use the letter L and darken the bottom part to make his foot…

for his left leg, turn the L the other way and darken the bottom part for his foot.

His right arm will be a curve line with a sideways letter V on the end to make him have 3 fingers.   He is waving to us…maybe he would say in a little squeeky voice,  “hi-ya!”

and his left arm we will use a bigger  letter V turned sideways and add a dark dot on the end of it .  This will make him look like he has his hand in a fist on his side….try standing up and go look at yourself in the mirror while you make the pose you have just drawn the doodle bug making!

We need to show that our doodle bug is standing somewhere (is he in the house or down at the park or at a circus?)….right now he is just floating on our page.  Draw a straight line that will go across your paper so that it looks like it is behind him.  The next time we draw, we can work on where he is.  But for now, let’s just make the line….

and if you want to color your doodle bug, go ahead and pull out your markers or crayons and do it however you want.  This is how I colored mine….Hope you had fun drawing a doodle bug!  Next time we will do some more things with our doodle bug that are really fun!

If you want to add some more things to your doodle bug for now, please do!  I wonder how he would look in a cowboy hat….or with a pair of red tennis shoes or with a big grin and he’s missing a tooth?!  You know how to draw a doodle bug now…. draw another one any way you like!


One Response to “DRAW A DOODLE BUG!”

  1. sarahssweeties Says:

    That is so darling!

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