more doodle bug poses

Let’s take the doodle bug we drew on the last post and make him do some other poses that are fun and easy using much of the same lines that you used on this first doodle bug….

First we’ll have our doodle bug walking and still waving.  Use the same “L” for his legs but turn them both going the same way and move them a little apart like the picture below.  All the rest stays the same.

Now to make the doodle bug trotting…a little faster than a walk but not a fast run yet.  This time split his legs further apart.  Use the same arms as the other two pictures above but we’ll switch them…notice one arm is still waving but the other arm is now used to run like you do….and I’ve added a shadow under the doodle bug to show how high he’s up in the air when he trots.

Finally we make our doodle bug in a fast run…the legs are even further apart (but still use the same backwards “L” as the last three doodle bug pictures).  Now both arms are bent and we add the shadow again.  You can also add some little horizontal straight lines behind him if you want to make him look like he’s going faster!

Here is a challenge for you…. a singing doodle bug!   Using most of the same things we’ve already drawn,  see if you can notice the different ways I use them.  He’s singing a little off key…but he’s having a good time!  Perhaps you could add some things to the picture to show where he is or who he is singing to.  Or maybe even put him in a costume like you would see at a play or an opera.  Use that God-given imagination of yours…

Thanks for drawing doodle bugs with me!  We’ll try a doodle bug in another fun activity in the next post.  Meanwhile maybe you could try some of your own ideas of doodle bugs in other fun poses and put them in funny places!


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