Parachute Doodle Bug

Let’s draw a doodle bug with a parachute….look back at the previous posts to see how to draw a doodle bug if you like.  This will help you feel comfortable with drawing our picture today.  To begin, turn your paper tall ways and in the middle upper part of your paper, draw an upside down “U”…this is the top part of our doodle bug’s parachute.

Add a row of upside down “U”s going from one side  to the other…

Next add the doodle bugs head (a circle) under the parachute.  Leave a little room between the two shapes for the strings that we’ll draw in a couple of steps…

Draw the doodle bug’s face…nose, eyes and grin…

Then add the fun antennae’s on top of his head…but put these out to the side a little.  Look at my picture to see what I’m talking about.  Between the antennas will be where the strings attach to his head.

Ok, so now it’s time to draw a string from each one of the points of the parachute down to the top of the doodle bug’s head.  Don’t put the strings in the doodle bug’s eyes or antennas….he wouldn’t like that!

Now add his little body…a couple of “u”s that are smaller than the head….connect them to the bottom of the head (like I drew it in the picture below).  Did you notice that I put the 2 “U”s a little to the right so that they are slanted?  That is because when you float down with a parachute it swings from side to side a little bit.  That’s how we want our doodle bug to look…floating down side to side.   Don’t forget to give him some arms too…so he can wave to you!

His legs are easy to draw….just a couple of “L”s.  But because he is swinging a little from side to side (remember?), we’ll put his legs up a higher on the same side like I drew in the picture.

Add a couple motion lines behind him and there ya go!  Good job!  One doodle bug with a parachute floating down, down, down….If I draw the same thing again but draw the doodle bug even more slanted, he looks like he’s really swinging!

And tilt him even more and it looks like this….

Congratulations!   You know how to draw a doodle  bug with a parachute. Maybe you could turn that picture over (so you can’t see it) and on another piece of paper, see if you can draw him from memory!   No cheating!

It might be fun to add to your picture with some more doodle bugs parachuting down…maybe some are different by adding another smile or a hat or holding something in his hand.  How bout adding where he is going to land?   Maybe he’s landing at wal mart…or your backyard….or your church?  You can draw out your ideas and have adventures with your friends the doodle bugs!  Maybe you can even write a story about your picture….wow, that would be fun!  See ya next time!


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