Drawing a Boom Boom Flower

We’ve been drawing doodle bugs lately…you can look below and find how to draw one if you never have.  It’s very easy and very fun.  But every story has to have a “place” where it happens.  So, today we’re going to put our doodle bugs in a place!  I like to “invent” flowers from my imagination and one of my favorites is the “Boom-Boom flower”.

Before we can draw our doodle bugs, let’s draw the boom-boom flower.  Follow along with me and I think you’ll like what it looks like at the end…especially if you want to add some doodle bugs later on.  Turn your paper “tall ways”.  At the top left put an upside down “U”.  That’s the top of the first boom-boom flower.

Draw a line across the bottom of the upside down “U”.

Add  6 lines going across the inside of the boom-boom flower and some spikey-lines on top…

Now comes the fun part….see if you can draw a “curly-q” lines going around the bottom of the boom-boom flower like this…

…and some dots going around the boom-boom flower.

Now a stem that goes from the bottom of the boom-boom flower off the bottom of your drawing on the bottom left side.

Also add some curly-q’s under the bloom.

Another boom-boom flower connected to this one would look good.  Go out to the right of your flower (not as high as the first boom-boom flower bloom) and draw the same shape as you did when you began this drawing.  Do you remember what it was without looking?  Look at my picture below to see where I put this shape and try to make your picture look close to the same.

Same as the other boom-boom flower, make the curly-q around the first shape…

Add the lines going across the bloom and the spikey-lines on top…oops, I forgot the dots!  Add some to your picture if you want.

Time to connect this boom-boom flower to the stem of the first one.  Draw a slanted line from the bottom of the flower to the long stem.

Don’t forget the curly-q’s under the new boom-boom flower…

Those long stems need some leaves.  But I want to leave room between the leaves so my doodle bugs can have space to be in the picture.  To draw a leaf, put your pencil on the stem and start drawing a line that goes away from the stem then curves around and comes back to the same place that you started.  Easy! Let’s put some more on our stem…

Look!  You’ve drawn your first boom-boom flower!  Nice!

But we’re not through, yet….take the waving doodle bug we drew in one of the other drawing times and have him peeking his head around the first bloom.  We don’t have to draw his legs or other arm because he is behind the flower and we wouldn’t see it.  Right?  You can draw him a little slanted like I did to make him really look like he’s peaking around the boom-boom flower.  Hmmm, maybe I’ll call him, Joey.

To add another doodle bug to our picture, we want to make him doing something a little different.  If we make all our doodle bugs doing the same thing, it’s not as fun looking.  So take the doodle bug from the other drawing exercise that is running and put him going up the stem that leads to the 2nd boom-boom flower.  I think I’ll name him, Sammy.

How fun!  We’re almost done!  Last, take the doodle bug that is singing (looks like “opera”!) from the other drawing exercise and put him down on the bottom left leaf.  That’s Ralph!  Now we have Joey, Sammy and Ralph doing three different things at three different places on the Boom-Boom flower.  I”m adding some words up in that top right side because there is alot of white space up there that would look good with writing.  How bout, “3 little doodle bugs on a Boom-Boom flower”?

How bout adding a doodle bug parachuting down beside the Boom-Boom Flower  like we drew in the other drawing exercise?  I’m sure you got lots of ideas….go for it!  And be sure and show your mom the great picture you just drew!  Boy will she be surprised!  Maybe you can get your Dad to try it too!

Next time, I’ll add some color to my picture!


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