Draw anything with these

Before we begin drawing today I want to tell you why today is special to me…this is October 25th.  20 years ago today I was very sick unexpectantly.  I had a stroke and it paralysed me completely (couldn’t move any of my body)!  When they took me by ambulance down to the hospital to try and help me, two of my friends came there and quietly prayed for me while I was in a wheelchair waiting to go to another hospital.  In less than 20 minutes I was able to move completely!  It was a miracle!  How did that happen?  Remember that my two friends prayed for me?  When we pray to Jesus Christ, we are talking to the One who made everything….nature and people.  That means He made my body too (and yours!).  Those two friends believed that Jesus could help me and that is why they asked Him.  He heard them and then He touched me somehow and made whatever was wrong in my body be right again.  When we pray for others to Jesus Christ, it is a very very BIG deal!  If you know someone who is sick or sad or lonely, would you stop and talk to Jesus about them like my two friends did for me?  That would be a very good and loving choice….and don’t forget to thank Jesus for however He chooses to show that person His love and mercy. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me!  Today I live a completely normal life…strong and healthy again!  Jesus is very very powerful in showing His love for us!


This information is taken from the book “Drawing with Children” by Mona Brookes, which was published in 1986 by J.P.Tarcher Publishing Co.  The 10th Anniversary edition, which was published in 1996 by Putnam Publishing Co, can be purchased at any book store, or through Amazon.com.  Both “Drawing with Children” and “Drawing for Older Children and Teens”,  by Mona Brookes, will give you more information on how to use the 5 Elements of Shape.

Ok!  Let’s get drawing!  Today we will do something really easy…but please do it with me because it is sooooo important.  We will draw these five different things.  But if you can draw these, then you can draw anything….and you can write anything whether words or numbers.  Here is how we’ll start….take a piece of paper and draw 6 lines “really light” (don’t push down very hard with your pencil ) going across your paper like this….leave some space between your lines like I did.

Here is the first thing you need to know how to make….curve lines…so try these on your paper.

And then take those same curve lines and try to repeat them like I did below…wow, look at the neat “designs” you are making!

Turn your paper over and draw six more lines going across and this time we will do an easy one…straight lines!  Try these…

and then try some of these patterns with lines…have fun…add some of your own if you want to.

Time to move to the third thing….angle lines.  So grab another piece of paper and draw 6 lines (lightly) going all the way across again.  Try some of these…

and then do these….or some you want to try….

Number four thing to draw is a circle…so turn your paper over and make the 6 light lines on your paper going across and put a row of circles between the first two lines….

and then try some of these circle combinations…and make up more of your own.  Be creative!

Last of the five is a “dot”…or a shaded in circle shape.  So one more time, take a piece of paper and draw your 6 light lines going across your paper.  Now add the dots on the first row….

and finally try some more things with dots like this….

Great job!  If you can draw those five things, then you can draw or write ANYTHING!  Next time we’ll start using these five things in some fun ways….try combining all five  of these things and make some more patterns in between lines.

Thanks to Mona Brookes as she has beautifully and simply defined the five things that we all use through her very effective teachings!  Much of what I shared today came from her creative methods in teaching art to children.

One Response to “Draw anything with these”

  1. our4miracles Says:

    Hi Rich, I just stumbled upon your blog after looking at some homeschool material, and I LOVE your site! It’s really great how you teach kids to draw and I hope to implement your techniques into our schooling! Congratulations on your “healing anniversary” as well! God is good! He is still using you! Thanks for a great blog and sharing your God-given creativity!

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