Draw anything…start with numbers

From my last post, here are the five things we need to be able to make in order to draw anything…

Remember?  If you didn’t do the first post on “Draw anything with these”, you might want to go their first and try those.   Or you can just draw these five things across the top of your paper.   So we will now start with zero and go to ten.  Please try these with me, even if you already know how to make your numbers.  And if you have been making numbers for a few years, why not try this exercise and try to really make your numbers like perfect…like a computer made them!

We are going to use the first four above to make numbers…if you can make numbers 0-9, then you can make any number there is (in the whole world!)….so let’s start with zero and go to ten…

and number one is really easy too…

Now we get to start putting different lines together to continue with the other numbers…like number 2…

I put two number 4’s because people make them a couple of different ways…now on to five and the others…

You did it…great.  It’s fun looking for these things as we draw…. curve lines, a straight lines, angle lines, circles and dots.  You needed these (except for the dot) to make numbers.  Right?   So since you went through those so fast, let me challenge you to do the same thing with your letters….A-Z….small or capitalized (or both if you like!).  Build your letters looking for these five things.  And this time you will get to use the dot as well if you do small letters!

Have fun!  Next time we’ll move into using these lines to make some pictures.

3 Responses to “Draw anything…start with numbers”

  1. richdavis1 Says:

    Isn’t it a joy and relief to realize that drawing is not as difficult as it often seems?! It just takes a teachable eye and continuing to try, try, try!

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  3. Basic Drawing Lessons! « Chaos Appreciation Says:

    […] Thanks to Jolanthe for her blog post http://homeschoolcreations.blogspot.com/2010/10/drawing-for-fun.html we now have a whole set of drawing lessons for our little doodlers! I can’t wait to get started! Amplify’d from richdavis1.wordpress.com […]

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