Draw Ralph the Dog

Today we are taking the basic 5 things to draw and creating Ralph the dog. Every time I mention one of the 5 things, I will make those words blue color to let you see how we put these different things together to make a picture. Time to draw!

First is an angle line….draw it plenty big on your paper because that is his back and top of head. Then we use a good size dot….which is the dog’s nose…  and a curve line down from the nose for the chin.

Now use a straight line down from the chin to make one of the front legs.  An angle line is drawn next to it to complete that leg.  Did you notice that the angle line looks like the letter “L” upside down and turned backwards?

And on to the other leg with a straight line down and another angle line beside it.  This angle line looks more like the letter “V” turned upside down, doesn’t it?

For the toes on both front feet we will use three curve  lines (like the letter “U”) connected together.

A straight line is drawn at the bottom for the back leg…notice that if I kept drawing this line across it would show that the toes don’t go any further down than this line.

Next, we use three curve lines for the back leg and the top of the tail.  Be sure and leave a little room for the other tail line that will be below the one you just drew.

Finish the tail now with another curve line that connects to a point at the end of the tail.  For the ears, add a couple of curved lines…one on top of the head and one on the side.  Also add a circle in the top corner of the head.  We will be putting a dot inside that circle next.

Use another curve line for each of the ears to finish them.  Put the dot inside the circle and also add another over from it.  A large slow curve line will be for the mouth.  He has a long smile doesn’t he?!  We make it a grin next.

Finish the grin with another curve line and leave space between the lines for a bunch of short straight lines…the teeth!  Also add dots on the snout like dogs have around their nose.  He’s almost done!

Last you can add some larger dots for his spots….

Ta-da!  Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Ralph, the grinning cartoon dog!

Now you’re ready to color Ralph any way you like….you can add other things around Ralph if you like…a dog house?  your back yard?  a tree?  a neighbor’s cat?  …whatever you want to put in your picture would be fun.   God has made you an amazing artist!


One Response to “Draw Ralph the Dog”

  1. mooseandtater Says:

    This is great! Thank you for all of the tutorials, my 6 year old loves them!

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