Draw Buzz the Bee

Today we are drawing this little guy, Buzz the Bee.  He’s in my doodle bug group and I think you’ll enjoy drawing him so you can put him in your own pictures if you want.  So grab a piece of paper and turn it tall ways and get a good sharp pencil with an eraser.

The first thing we draw is a good size “upside down U” in the middle of your paper…this is a curve line

Next, draw a straight line at the bottom that will connect the 2 ends of the upside down U.  Then draw 2 more straight lines above that one but leave some space between them.  The face of Buzz is going above these lines so we have to leave enough room for his face like I did in my drawing!

Between the bottom two straight lines let’s shade this in using small curve lines going all the way across slanting the same way.  Skip the space above that and then shade the following shape with curve lines again…but see if you can make the curves lines go the other way across this time.

Now let’s add Buzz’s face….two short straight lines for the eyes (nice and dark)…an oval for the nose…and a curve line (letter “U”) for the mouth.  NICE!

Add two tall curved lines for antennas with the curly q’s going the same way at the ends…

The wings will be curved lines going out like this…sort of like putting the letter “U” turned sideways on each side!

Now for Buzz’s legs….we’ll use the letter “L” with the bottom part darker…be sure and set the legs pretty far apart because we will be drawing a little stinger between them.  And if you notice really good, you’ll see that I turned the feet up just a little bit.  The legs are angle lines….

Now for the stinger….a curly-q !   (which you know is in the curve line family)

And you have just drawn Buzz the Bee!  Oh yeah!  He’s floating in the air in front of you looking at you with that little smile of his….so let’s put some movement lines around the wings since they are moving so fast….(these movement lines are curved lines)

And one of the fun things you can do with flying things is show the path they’ve flown….we’ll use a dotted line (a lot of short straight lines and curve lines put together to show the path!)

Last, since we don’t have anything up in the top left side, let’s write his name there nice and bold with letters that are easy to read….that will fill that space nicely.  As you are writing the letters, try to say what kind of lines you use to make the letters….Straight lines?  Curve lines?  Angle lines?

Now you are ready to add color to your picture of Buzz the Bee…have fun and keep up the good work  with your drawing! God has given you an amazing gift to be able to create all kinds of cool things….let’s keep using that gift!


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