Drawing a vork 1

It’s time to draw a VORK. Maybe you’re asking, “what’s a VORK ?”  A VORK is a funny little robot-like creature that you get to make up from your imagination.  The main parts in most every VORK are wheels (instead of feet…and there may be alot or just two); a large shape for the body; another shape for the head (although the body and head may be all in one shape) and eyes (lots of them…or just one…different sizes if you like!).

Every VORK is different because we get to change things about them…although they will always have eyes sticking up and wheels as feet.  Enough said.

This first VORK we will use a large rectangle (turned sideways) in the middle of our paper.  But let’s try drawing a rectangle like this…an angle line that goes across the top of the shape and then down..

To finish the rectangle, start your angle line at the top left corner and come down, then across.

Underneath the rectange, leave a little space and draw a circle and another circle inside of it (a little smaller)…looks like a piece of  life saver candy doesn’t it?!

Now draw a straight line down from the bottom of the rectange to the top of circle (that’s his neck…sort of).  For his legs we will draw two straight lines at a slight angle down from the bottom of the circle.  To shade in the smaller circle on the body, use lines going across.

Add a circle at the end of each of the leg lines about this size….

Put an ‘ X” in each of the circles however you like…

Add a line going across each wheel that goes through the X’s you drew to complete the spokes of the wheels.  Draw another leg line at a bigger slant going out to the right side.  Then draw another wheel that will be the smallest wheel and put the same spokes inside it.  If you can, try to draw all three wheels so that they look like they are sitting on flat ground….that is, the bottoms of the wheels would touch the same line going across the page (but you don’t draw that line, just try to imagine it going across).


This VORK has joints on his legs…draw them as dark dashes in the places I show on my drawing (you can add more if you like!).  His arms are curly Q’s going out to the side from the circle body…

At the end of the curly Q arms, put circle dots.  On the head shape, draw a line going up from it (make it as high or low as you like) and one coming out from the right side…

Draw a circle for each of the eyes…short straight lines for the eye lashes and a dot inside the circle.  Where you put the dot will make your VORK looking in a certain direction.   For example, if both dots are at the top of the eye circles, it will look as if he is looking up.  For the mouth of this VORK, make a “saw tooth” line going across the rectangle…close to the top (we will need to draw some other lines underneath this line).  Saw tooth lines are lines that repeat the letter “V” over and over….

We’re almost done….draw three other saw tooth lines under the one you just drew.  Make these lines look like the first line going across.  If you can, leave a bigger space between the 2nd and 3rd lines (teeth lines will go there!)…

Now you can draw those teeth lines going up and down between the 2nd and 3rd saw teeth lines.  Try to stay between those lines.  Time to make our VORK look like he is somewhere.  So draw a curvy line going across the page about as high as I have drawn it below.  Also add some small straight dashes around the wheels so that it looks like a shadow is on the ground from the VORK.

Bravo!  You just drew your first VORK!  Why not give your VORK a name and if you want, add some color….you know I’m going to color mine!

Before you leave, let’s remember that we used straight lines….curved linescirclesdots and angle lines to make our VORK.  Maybe you can try to make another VORK ?  Or, you can draw your VORK on a piece of cardboard and cut him out…attach a string and hand him from some place your Mom says is ok…HAVE FUN!


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