Draw Vork #2

Let’s draw another Vork…this time we start with a circle

..and another circle inside it

Then some straight lines going around between the two circles…sort of like lines that go out from the sun.

In the center of the smaller circle, draw a square with a dot inside it….and a straight line above it so that it looks like the square is hanging down from a string.


We know that Vorks have wheels for feet so let’s draw three straight lines down from the circle and put small circles on the bottom.  Notice that I have a light doted line at the bottom of the wheels…don’t draw that on your picture…I put it there to show you that your wheels need to look like all 3 are even on the ground.

Put an “X” in each one of the wheels but look how I made each X slanted in the circle a little different.  This is so our wheels look a little more interesting than doing the X’s all the same direction.


Finish the wheels by putting another line between each X….and add a small rectangle (laying flat) on top of the circles.

Now make an upside down “U” on top of the rectangle and a couple of straight lines inside it going across….also add some dots on the legs like I did.  The outer legs get 3 dots and the center one gets one dot.


Add two curly Q’s for the lines leading out to where the eyes will be.  Have fun with them!  Also add lines going out from the upside down “U” at the top….and a small circle inside the upside down “U”.

And add a couple of eyes….circles with a dot inside and short, straight lines going off the circle for the eye lashes.  Done!

And….drum roll…..COLOR!


It’s “Ola the Vork”!  Maybe you could be thinking of what kind of houses Vorks might live in if they had a small town…use that imagination God has given you and try drawing something around Ola….might be fun!

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