Draw some different trees

We’re going to draw some trees today.  Actually, all the trees we draw will be drawn using same  tree trunk and limbs we use on the first tree.  Turn your paper sideways to draw and in the middle of the paper, start with a vertical line with a little curve to it…

then add another vertical line curving the other way…but not as long as the first line…

add a couple of smaller branch lines to the taller line (you can make more lines if you like as you draw more trees)

Now let’s add a shape for the top part of the tree where the leaves are….try this one…

You finished your first tree!

Draw the same lines you used on the first tree to the left for your second tree…

Then draw another tree trunk the same way on the other side of your first tree….

Now you’ve got three trees to work with.  Add a shape for the top part of your second tree like this…it’s kind of like a rectangle with rounded corners.

and the same shape again turned sideways for the other tree…

now you have three finished trees!

You could have a whole forest with trees that are drawn with the same trunk but different shapes on top!

Let’s do three more trees using the same trunk…draw the three trunks again on the other side of your paper just  like you did on your first drawing…

Time to add three different tops….first the one in the middle with this little shape…it’s like a fat peanut…

draw it again for the second tree,  but make it bigger…

And draw that same shape one more time but notice that I’ve turned it differently!

These three trees have the same shape but I used them as different sizes or turned them a different way….

that’s easy isn’t it?!

OK…..one more time, on a clean piece of paper,  draw the same trunk three times across your paper..

Add this shape to the center tree…

then this shape for your second tree…

Your last tree, use the same shape you just drew, but turn it…

And you have just draw nine different trees using the same trunk and branches!  Way to go!

I’ll bet you could draw three more trunks on another sheet and come up with your own different shapes to try on top.  You can also go back and draw little leaves in your tree top shapes any way you like!  Some of your leaves can be slanted different ways and be different sizes..just like we did to make the tops of the trees different.

Having things a little different in our picture makes it more interesting and neat!  Have fun drawing trees!  Add anything else that you might want to put in or near your trees…..birds, tire swing, kids?

And, of course, don’t forget you can color your trees however you want…Merry Christmas all you artists!  God has made you so creative!


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