Draw Ekey the running robot!

Today we will be drawing some things “slanted” instead of straight and up and down.  Try to notice “slanted things”.  The reason is because my gangly robot friend, Ekey is running.   When you run, usually you lean (or slant) forward in the direction you are going.  It’s hard to run fast if you don’t lean forward.  And other parts of Ekey will be slanted also.

So, let’s start Ekey by drawing his head shape…a rectangle…but notice that I tilted it a little to the right. At the bottom of his head draw another long skinny rectangel (slanted) and put three lines in it spaced apart. Give him a rounded top on his head and put two lines going across it inside this shape (did you notice all of this is slanted?). On top of the head make a smoke stack that l0oks like an arrow.  Darken it in.    Draw a small circle under the head and connect it with a little line (that’s the neck).  Next we draw the eyes.  Each eye will have a rectangle for the eye lid and the letter “U” under it for the eye (the eyes are slanted too).  You’ll draw these over the top of the head shape on each side near the top.  That will mean that you need to erase the lines inside these shapes.  Add the nose as a big curly-Q line that gets smaller and smaller as it goes in. Now you can put dots in the eyes…draw a slanted line for the mouth and put circles on the end of it (those are the bolts that make the mouth open and shut…right now it is shut)….and also add three dots slanting down from under the stack at the top of his head.  Add a little puff of smoke under those.  The smoke is made of a small letter “U” that you make over and over till it connects with the first “U” again….there are four “U’s” in this puff.Now do the other side of the head with three dots and another puff of smoke.  Decorate the inside of the body with two straight lines going across (slanted!) and three big dots in between those two lines. When I add the legs, I want Ekey to look like he is running…not standing still.  One leg goes forward and one goes backwards like you do when you run!  Look at the picture and see if you can make your legs like I did.  Notice that I put small circles at the knees and the ankles. The feet are rectangles….notice how I slanted them when I attached them to the ankle circles. Ekey’s arms are like spaghetti with a good size circle (and a smaller one inside it) at the end of them.   The circles are his robot hands.  His left arm will be waving to us.

Now add his fingers and you are all done!  Notice that when I drew the thumb on each hand, I put it out to the side from the other three fingers.  Look at your own hand when you wave….see how God made your thumb be able to go out to the side?  Cool, huh?!

When I colored Ekey, I tried to make him look shiny like I thought a robot would.  The way I did that was to make each blue shape lighter down the middle and darker as it went out to the edges.  See if you can tell where I did that with the blue shapes….

Last, I decided to put color around EKey.  Since I knew that the color blue and the color orange are best friends, then I chose orange to put around him.  And I wanted to make him look like he was moving fast, so I used long streaky lines of color.  Have fun coloring your Ekey!  Great job!


2 Responses to “Draw Ekey the running robot!”

  1. darthchrista Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I didn’t know I could draw. I’ve always been afraid to try, and your directions make it so easy. We bought pick and draw for our son (6 years old) for Christmas. He too is becoming more confident in his artistic ability.

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Thank you for letting me know that confidence is one of the things that is happening with you and your son drawing. I want to suggest a new way to name
      your “art” (drawing) experience….”visual talking”. I love that you are enjoying talking this way! Love always overcomes fear….as you draw more and more that is
      what will happen. The love of doing it will overwhelm the fear of failing. Way to go! God put a whole well of creativity down inside you…it may come out in drawing or
      sewing or decorating or cooking or in music…..have fun and let yourself pursure ideas when they bubble up. Don’t shut them down out of fear…go for each one, try to see
      how many steps forward you made in enjoying the process. You have everything to gain!

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