Draw a Doodle Bug Ju-Ju flower

Today we are going to draw a Ju-Ju flower from the Doodle Bug world.  This flower is something I created from my imagination…as are all the things in the Doodle Bug world.  One of the great things about creating something new, is that you get to name it whatever you want!  I like the way “Ju-Ju” sounds….it’s fun to just say it!  You can Draw the letters for Ju-Ju like I did above if you like.  I think it’s fun to write letters in all kinds of styles.  The letters I did are called, “outline” letters.  You can fill outline letters with color or patterns or just about anything.  Do you see the little lines that are around “Ju-Ju”?  Those are called “emphasis lines”.  They are put there to decorate how the words look and to catch your eye….as if they are saying, “Hey!  Look at me!  I’m important!”  Maybe you could even try to write your name in outline letters and decorate them in some fun way…then put some emphasis lines around them?

So let’s get started drawing.  Turn your paper tall ways and somewhere between the top and half way of your paper, draw a big “U” like I show you below…

Going across the top of the flower make 3 rows of upside down “U”‘s…stacked one on top of the other…

Now add 4 curly Q lines going up from the top row of upside down “U”‘s like this….

Then draw two tall lines between the curly Q lines and put small circles at the end of these lines.  Draw some dots around the circles as well.  On the flower, close to the top, draw a circle.  In the circle draw an “X” and then 1 more line going through the middle of it.  That’s the Ju-Ju’s nose.  Also add a good size dot on each side of the nose like this…

For it’s mouth make a long curved line going across the lower part of the flower.   Make another long curved line connected at the ends of the first line.  The stem is a fun line to draw….starting at the bottom of the flower, draw a line straight down a little ways, then go over to the left and finally back down again almost to the bottom of your paper.  Leave a little room at the bottom.

Draw another stem line beside the first one and leave some space between them.  On the right side under the flower, draw two curly Q lines that slant up (like it’s arms).  These curly Q lines start off as straight lines and then curl at the end.  The top curly Q line is longer than the one under it.  Did you notice that?

For the other side of the stem, do the same thing with the curly Q’s but go the other direction.  Also add some nice dark dots inside the stem.  Try to put the dots the same space apart from each other the whole way down.  Good job!

Now draw a line at the bottom of your paper going all the way across.  Let the bottom of your stem touch it.  Of course, that is the ground.  We will put leaves on the stem in 2’s.  For this step, this is how to make the Ju-Ju flower leaves…on the right side of the flower under the curly Q arms, draw a short line starting at the stem and slant it down.  Then put your pencil on the stem where that line touches it and make a curve line going around it all the way to the end of the line and then head back to where you start.  There’s your leaf!

Now draw another leaf right beside that one.  That makes a pair of leaves.  Then draw another pair of leaves down lower on the left side of the stem.  We’re almost done!  Way to go!

On the top of the ground line on the left side of the stem, we are going to draw some grass.  In the Doodle Bug world this kind of grass is called “wag”.  To draw wag, you make a “pattern”.  A pattern is something that repeats.  Make a row of short curved lines slanted the way I will show you below.  On every other curved line, draw a small circle on the top.  You got some wag growing on your picture now!

For the rest of the ground beside the Ju-Ju flower, make your wag lines curved the other way!

And you have now made your first Ju-Ju flower in a field of wag!  Great job!

Time to color it!

I’ll bet you could draw some Doodle bugs in this picture too!  And maybe a Doodle Bug car or house as well!  If you can’t remember how to draw a Doodle Bug…or you’ve never even heard of a Doodle Bug, go to the category list over on the right and find, “Doodle Bugs” and click on it and I will show you how.  Have fun drawing!  And remember, it’s God that has made you creative…it’s a gift He gave you to enjoy because He loves you!


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