Drawing with kids video

One of the most delightful ways I get to make a living is to draw with kids! It’s my “dream job”! It’s what I could talk about late into the night.

I wonder, what’s your dream job?

It will most likely be whatever  “passion” you have.  It’s the place where the well deep inside you can no longer hold the water…there is too much and it is pushing it’s way up to the surface and spilling over.  In the video below, look at the kid’s faces as they create and look at their enthusiasm…smiles….this is what God’s gift of creativity does for people. It is a spring of refreshing water bubbling up from the ground of their heart!  I draw with thousands of kids at libraries and schools and churches and kids clubs all over the south and it never gets old. The Pick and Draw game has been a great way to get that creativity out for kids and adults. At the end of the video you will get to hear everyone yell the name of their cartoon character at the same time! Keep on drawing everyone! Have fun!  My wife and I will be in Memphis, TN  with a booth at the Mid South Homeschool convention …come by…draw with me… and let’s meet!


2 Responses to “Drawing with kids video”

  1. jjesedwards Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the Pick and Draw game! We received it last night and played today. We had so much fun with lots of laughs and smiles. It is truly for the whole family.

    My dream job: to provide support and a vehicle to aide in people’s financial independence so they have the time and resources to fulfill their dreams.

    Thanks again, Pick and Draw is great!

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Yeah! I love to hear that others enjoy drawing through Pick and Draw!
      And I loved hearing about your dream job….don’t let anything keep you from getting that job!
      Thank YOU!

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