Draw doodle bug, Lumbardo


Today I would like to dedicate this doodle bug character to a six year girl in the Dallas, TX area that loves to draw!  Keep up the great drawings you are doing and know that God has given you your creative ability as a special gift to enjoy and be a blessing to many others.  Hope you enjoy drawing Lumbardo today!

It’s always good to get back to the ole drawing board after I’ve been away from it like I have lately.  Today we will add another one of the many Doodle Bug characters that we’ve been drawing.  This is Lumbardo…a four legged doodle bug!  Notice his wavy  back?  God made us all with a part of our back called the “lumbar” region.  That is why I named him “Lumbar-do”.  Sometimes it’s fun to name our characters after other things that sound like that name.  Maybe your mom or dad or teacher can show you were your lumbar region is on your back…

I’m going to let you go with the drawing without my comments between each one.  Turn your paper sideways to draw Lumbardo because he’s kind of long instead of tall.  When you draw the first shape (his head), tilt it like I show you.  Also remember that we are using “angle lines”, straight lines, curve lines, circles and dots to make everything you will see.  (from “Drawing with Children” by Mona Brookes, Tarcher Putnam Press. 1986,1996…Thanks Mona!)

And, of course, add a little color!

Try to think of some place you could put Lumbardo for your own picture and make up a funny story about what he is doing there. Maybe you will want to add some other doodle bug characters with him also?! Have fun drawing!


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