Watch a Doodle Bug drawing

I’m practicing drawing today with this doodle bug picture.  I love to draw BIG!  When I go to draw with kids at libraries or schools or festivals, this is the first thing I do….draw for them on a big sheet of paper.  And I love to draw to music because it adds to the flavor of creating…gives it a mood.

At the end when I zoom in close to the picture to show you the detail, you will see that there are lighter lines on the drawing.  Why?  Because when I draw big I usually put light guide lines down first to help me have everything placed on the picture the right way.  That gives me more confidence to draw quickly when I draw for others.  These light lines are like  having a map to help me get to my destination.  It’s not cheating because I made the light lines too…and I want to concentrate on making an accurate drawing for those who see it.

My big pictures I like to give away.  Maybe you could win it….

If you want to try to win this drawing I made for the video, leave a comment on this blog telling me what you have enjoyed drawing the most on my blog and where you would put this big picture if you won it.

I will pick a winner in one week….April 1…if I have at least 50 comments…no foolin’!!!

This is open to children and adults.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have fun drawing!



5 Responses to “Watch a Doodle Bug drawing”

  1. Lalith Jel Says:

    Fantastic video. I have to download your video and I want to present to my sister children. They are much interested in drawing. I think it will be helpful for us. Thank you for presenting this video.


  2. dreawood Says:

    Your work is so fun.

  3. darthchrista Says:

    My favorite drawing has been Eeky, and my six year old has really liked the Vorks. We really appreciate putting your work out here for us to learn from. It has helped both of us become more confident of our drawing. We would hang this big picture in our school room at home.

  4. sandsmertz Says:

    Love the video and the drawing. We especially liked the music in the background of the video! Our favorite drawing activity from your blog, so far, has been Lumbardo. Even my preschooler likes to draw him! If we won the big drawing, we would put it in our bedroom hallway, so that everyone could see it several times each day. Thanks for the opportunity, and thank you for your fantastic blog!

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