Doodle video

Everyone doodles….everyone.  And we all do it in our own kind of way.  I hope that those who may see this and “don’t draw”, may be pulled back into the “doodle pool” where being creative with a pencil or pen is without pressure or performance.  Just fun.

If you want to do some of the little doodles I did on this video, simply pause it periodically when you want to draw along and follow me….but at any point you want to change it or do your own thing, please…go for it!

My personal belief is that “doodling” for adults is an activity where we “return” back to the creative pool we enjoyed when we were kids….the little kid that is still inside each one of us still enjoys drawing….you can only shut him up so long and then he finds a way to come out and play again!

I’d love to see your doodles if you want to email a scan of them…

One Response to “Doodle video”

  1. nancyc Says:

    Those are great doodles, Rich! You are a Master Doodler! :)

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