Draw Kitties! (video)

Grab your pencil and paper and draw kitties with me!  Use your “pause” to stop the video if I get going to fast.  Have fun!


2 Responses to “Draw Kitties! (video)”

  1. kidgiddy Says:

    My daughters both draw – they would love the Pick and Draw deck! My oldest (8) has a wonderful teacher and every week they start with the same random doodle line. Each child can decide what that doodle line is and draw a whole picture from it! I decided not to post their entire sketchbooks…but you can see a sampling of their work here http://bit.ly/d4c3ov. I look forward to finding and purchasing your pick and draw deck! thanks, k

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Thanks for sending the link to your kid’s drawings…fantastic to see them creating!
      I enjoyed those. This link will lead you to purchasing Pick and Draw online:
      Have fun!

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