Learning again

Learning is a life long journey.  Every day there is an imaginary jar that we take with us.  How we experience life that day is what we do with the jar.  Any kid can tell you, “a jar is for collecting stuff”.  And that is exactly what learning is.  We choose to begin our day by taking the lid off the jar so we can “put stuff in there”….you don’t take the lid off, you don’t put stuff in there.

Kids are “experts” at learning.  Watch them….listen to them….feel what they feel about where they are and what they are doing. Touch what they touch and taste what they taste….smell the smells they take time to notice.  Then make comments out loud about what stuff we are putting in our jar… like they do.

That is “interaction” in the truest sense….experience life…experience “the moment.  Revel in being a person God has made in a huge universe He has created for us to enjoy through the wonder and exploration of it. Interact through the senses God has given us to experience the gift of this day from Him.  We don’t just throw stuff in the jar til it’s full and say, “there!  it’s done” (check that off my list!)….we interact with life today as it happens… like a child does.  We take time to touch it…study it….draw a doodle with chalk on the driveway about how it makes us feel…put it in the jar and shake it close to our ear and listen with enjoyment…touch it to our nose and take a big sniff…..and even touch it with the tip of our tongue just to see what it tastes like!  In this way, we view this day as a gift that is unwrapped, prized and delightfully played with til it’s time to go to bed.

From our journey with the jar today, we prize what we have collected by showing it to others and talking about it…watching it attentively and pointing out things about it.  It has become our experience….a part of our story (that’s worth telling!). Learning is interacting again with who and what is around us…taking time to notice instead of speeding by without even a glance.  What a great blessing we have been given!

Got my jar….see stuff to explore…got to go!


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