New BLOG! I’m creating a children book…and you can watch the process!

Come join me in the journey I am on to create my 10th children’s book called, Tiny, The Birthday Dog!

I am recording this one year process and I think you will find it interesting and helpful in your own creative picture-making

as you see the creative process unfold.  There will be lots of pictures and maybe some videos.

It will happen in two phases….

SKETCHES stage (which I will use to know what to paint for the book)…these are due Nov. 1, 2011


PAINT stage….due July, 2012

Drop in and take a look around to see how Tiny and gang are celebrating his birthday!

This will be a great instructional tool for classrooms and kid’s learning opportunities!

Perhaps this will lead to some classroom skype sessions as well if classes want to ask me questions or hear more about the creative process of making a children’s book.

When you get to the site, whatever is showing when you open the home page is the latest post…the ones before it will be listed at the right side if you want to go back.  Thanks!

The blog is called, Creating Tiny Book


One Response to “New BLOG! I’m creating a children book…and you can watch the process!”

  1. momo (@mosshill) Says:

    It would be so exciting and such a valuable learning experience to journey with you through the process. Thanks for sharing.

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