The gift of fun and creativity

As the Pick and Draw Game continues to be used and enjoyed around the world, it has been a delight and a wonder to see how many people have enjoyed getting to be creative in such a simple, fun way.  It surprises most people as they see their own creativity come out…usually they want to show it to someone else and there is giggling and laughter happening.  Sometimes it even gets downright loud!  That has always been my hope….like someone waking up from a coma…all of us need creativity happening in our life to keep it fresh and growing.  Our stress filled lives often rob us of the desire to enjoy our little moments in the day.  God invented creativity and we are made in His image.  Even drawing little silly cartoon faces can release this gush of creativity inside us.  I  hope you will think of a friend  or a family  that might enjoy (and need) Pick and Draw this Christmas.  To encourage these thoughts, during November and December I am offering a discount when you buy more than one game.  Let’s keep drawing and enjoying the creativity God has put in each one of us!  (Keep lots of clean paper on hand!)  

You can buy Pick and Draw at


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