Draw a Thanksgiving Turkey!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!  What a wonderful time of year!  This holiday is a great reminder to practise being thankful all the days of the year.  Today we will draw a turkey together. I would advise using a pencil (with an eraser) and not a pen.  I’m not going to write very much…instead,  I’ll let the photos show you step by step.

By the way, if you want to download the turkey we are drawing today and make copies to let kids color them at Thanksgiving (or whenever), you can find it here.  The file is in the folder called, Thanksgiving Turkey coloring.  It’s even got a great Bible verse on it to help you remember why we give thanks.  After you color it, why not have it laminated and use it as a placemat during this season!  And you can make your own border design around the picture…I left you room to be creative.  Have fun!  (be sure and tell others about this little project!)  Here is what the picture looks like..

Ok, let’s get to drawing our turkey!  You will need to turn your paper sideways to start….(click on the photo to see it larger because the quality of the photos is poor…sorry!)

After you finish your turkey picture with pencil and have it just like you want it, you could take a sharpie or a black pen and go over your lines…then color it.

And I will close this post by saying, “I’m thankful that you like to draw!”.



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