Creative Rewards Idea

Thanks everyone for your great comments and suggestions and encouragements…I am already putting together the next step by step drawing in a series I am calling, “Things that go zoom!”.  I’m starting with cars…that will be out soon.  Please continue to send comments or ideas…I enjoy hearing from you!

I just finished another painting for my children’s book, Tiny the Birthday Dog.  Yipeee!  I have 7 paintings to go now before I get through with this project.  I have done 10 paintings so far and I am shooting to complete this by the end of May.  How do I keep going forward with that much work staring in the face daily?  Will I make it?  (hope so!)  If you will watch this little video, I will share with you the finished painting but also a strategy for me to keep working and finish….maybe it will give you some ideas for your own projects that you have to get done….



3 Responses to “Creative Rewards Idea”

  1. laryssa5 Says:

    While it may be wonderful to use as a tool for the kiddos…I’m using it for myself! lol

  2. Sally Wallace Says:

    This is a genius idea! Really like the visual aspect of it and the idea of a reward written on the back. Thank you for always giving reference and credit to God. It is such an encouragement when you hear a person acknowledge the Lord. He is a rewarder for those who diligently seek Him and He is the greatest reward of all!

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Thanks, Sally. I have found in life that what I really am attracted to are “things that work”…because most of the time “things don’t work”. That is the simple way I think. I like to find and notice things that work…I’m energized by them. This reward method works for me. And, the Lord and His ways “always” work. I’m convinced with my whole heart…and it’s enough for me! If you go to Matthew in the sermon on the mount, you will see “rewards” mentioned in a big way by Jesus when he instructs how to pray; how to fast and how to give in ways that please God. Good reading!

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