Pick and Draw clay faces (video)

Most of you know that I developed a simple drawing game called Pick and Draw and that it’s goal is to draw silly cartoon faces.  Every where I go, kids (and adults) have enjoyed playing the game with others or by themselves and are usually pretty pleased with what they have made.  I LOVE hearing that!  And it’s even more enjoyable  to watch people laugh together as they create.  I think that is one of the reasons God made every person creative.

Recently I got to help with a week long art camp for kids from ages 5-12.  I had four one hour classes each day and loved working with these very creative kids…it was so fun!  One of the activities I had the kids do was create four cartoon faces using Pick and Draw and then choose the one they like the most.  They had drawn the face two dimensional but I wanted to help nudge them towards taking something 2D and see it in 3D.  How do you do that?  Clay!  I gave them each a big hunk of crayola air dry clay (Wal Mart has it cheap) and asked them to try and make a statue of their cartoon character and add a body if they wanted.  Most had never done this and many had never even worked with clay.  I gave them simple tools as well to learn to shape and work in detail…tools like the plastic cap off a simple paper mate ball point pen (you get 10 of these pens for $1) and a paperclip to poke small holes in the clay and a small tongue depressor.  The looks of delight as they worked with the clay and came up with their creations was pure delight.  I was impressed with their ability to translate from 2D to 3D…and I think they were too!  Here’s some pictures….

As they continued to work on their clay faces and figures, I inserted an idea as a challenge to them….see if you can make your clay art functional as well.  In other words, it serves an actual purpose beyond just being something to look at.  We brainstormed ideas on the spot together and they wanted to fly into their ideas immediately.  So check out these ideas…how bout a pen holder….

or a pencil holder (he said it could hold your tooth brush as well)….love it!

Hahaha!  Love it!  I’ll bet his Mom will be surprised and his siblings will want one too!  Perhaps you could try this little activity together as a family on a Summer evening….it’s really fun and it’s a very effective problem solving activity making your brain see all the way around the face (the back of the head and the sides of the head and the body if you want).

We also drew quite a bit and the doodle bugs were definitely up there as one of the favorite activities.

After  everyone drew a doodle bug together (with me step by step), then I challenged them to come up with ideas of “where” the doodle bug was and what he was doing (maybe he’s holding something in his hand or saying something to make the picture more creative).  This activity really opens kids up to ideas they didn’t know were even in their mind!  Is the doodle bug on the moon?  in NYC? In Paris?  On the potato chip isle in Wal Mart?  In their own backyard?  They got to decide and immediately went to work.  So I’ll let one of my extrovert students tell you about his ideas….this was unprompted…I just grabbed the camera and he took off talking.

….and let’s keep it FUN!  Most of our best work comes when we enjoy what we do!


Thanks for the great work and great memories all you creative geniuses!


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