Cartoon Book Drawings

It’s been a while since I have posted….like you, I’m very busy with many things.  One of those things is a fun, resource book about Pick and Draw that will help many different people to use the game for strong learning activities.  Each chapter has been written by different professionals in their area of expertise.  What they have shared is incredibly helpful when using Pick and Draw game!  Scattered throughout the book will be funny little drawings that I am doing and I want to give you a peek at some of these.  This book is scheduled to be on Amazon in October (Lord Willing!).  Drawing is such a fantastic and effective tool for growing and learning and developing what God has put inside each of us.  He always meant it to be  a gift that would be be opened often and enjoyed!


2 Responses to “Cartoon Book Drawings”

  1. Wise Owl Factory (@wilhcarm) Says:

    Wonderful idea for a book, I am sure it will be so helpful to people who want to help develop talent and be inclusive about it. It sounds great for any school type setting!

  2. pauseability Says:

    This sounds exciting! Looking forward to the book.

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