Creatively Using what cha got

In a recent project, I was sent by mail a mystery box full of art materials (wood blocks, glue, wire, clay, material, canvas board, etc).  The instructions were to choose a famous painting and re-invent it in 3 dimension.  The rules were that I could only use what was in the box (except for paints).  It was a long fun process and I was challenged continually to solve problems to meet my goal by only using what was in the box.  Here is what I came up with…step by step.   It might be fun to put together a mystery art box for your kids and give them the assignment to make something from it as well…you never know what it might inspire!


One Response to “Creatively Using what cha got”

  1. Andrew Goff Says:


    You inspire me to forever embrace my creativity. Thanks for using God’s gift to you to bless others.

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